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Manuel Lebrom

Founder, President and CEO,
Dominican American Chamber of Commerce

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invites you and your organization to become a member leader, to realize your full potential. This can be accomplished by uniting positive, hardworking, and visionary businesspeople, with a common goal of the greater good of Miami’s business and social community, which includes you. The Chamber has crafted a comprehensive information and benefits package along with various levels of investments, in order that you may select your company’s member participation based on your needs. The membership levels, along with the sponsorship opportunities, provide generous benefits tailored to maximize your company’s branding and marketing objectives, as well as your own. Please note that customized programs can be addressed on an individual basis. The investment you and your company make in the Chamber will realize an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) for your company’s bottom line.

The Chamber’s structure permits you, the member, endless opportunities to profit utilizing your time, talent,and treasure. Volunteering for the multiple committees, councils, work groups and events will enable the member leader to interact and network with outstanding business and community leaders. These lifelong relationships, when properly established, will bring to fruition both friendship and fortune for the years to come. Please review the enclosed information andselect which level of membership in the Dominican American Chamber of Commerce™ fits you and your organizations, particular needs.Thank you for considering our invitation, and we look forward to your vigorous and exciting participation in our Chamber.

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“Trade is the calm health of nations”

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